4 June 2013

30 Day Exercise Challenges.

After seeing exercise challenges dotted all over the internet and needing a bit of a kick up the bum to get toned up before my holidays (and in general), I decided to give them a go! I will be honest, I hate hate hate exercising but it's gotten to the point where I unfortunately can't eat whatever I like without it having some sort of effect on my body. Luckily these challenges only take up a tiny tiny part of the day & they actually seem to be working!

The two areas of my body that I'm really self conscious about, especially when faced with wearing a bikini, are my thighs and my stomach so I chose to do the Squat Challenge & the Crunch Challenge. Due to my lack of frequent exercising, I found the challenges difficult (but not impossible) when I started them, it got to the point where I would actually just give up for a couple of weeks and then start again from scratch, which was a shame because I had started to enjoy doing them, especially since seeing some results - and I never ever thought I'd be ever saying that!

So the way I've been dealing with the challenges is putting no pressure on myself to complete them in the 30 days. Exercise is a good thing in moderation and sometimes I think you can push yourself too much & it can cause more damage than good. I've been using the challenges as a sort of guide - for example I'm at 100 squats right now which I find a bit of a push so I'll do 100 each day until they become easier and then move up to the next number. It obviously means that it isn't exactly a '30 Day Challenge' but in time I'm hoping that both the squats and crunches can become a bit of a daily exercise routine for myself over time rather than something I do for a month straight here and there.

I'd love to find some more quick and effective daily exercises or find out if anyone else has had any good results from these challenges too!


  1. Just looking at that made my body hurt! loooooool

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  2. i too have the squat challenge saved to my phone, trouble is i keep forgetting! i don't think i would stick to this challenge either, i find it much easier to go at my own pace and go to the next level once you're comfy with the ones you're currently doing (and it means you end up doing more in the long run!)

  3. I really need to try this out it sounds amazing :) x


  4. Hi, great post, love this! :)

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  5. I have been doing the jillian michaels 30 days shred and I really like it - well I like the results, Jillian can be a bit annoying! :) x